Puppies for Sale servicing Temecula, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County, CA

Here are some Answers to Frequently asked Questions about our shop and puppies in Temecula:

Where do you get your puppies for sale in Temecula, CA?
we take great pride in dealing with the highest quality breeders.with 20 years plus in the business, we have created an oustanding breeder relationship with top tier breeders. we have breeders as close as temecula califorinia and as far as france depending on what your looking for in pedigree/ bloodlines and breed.

How do you know you are using a good breeder for your puppies for sale at Temecula Puppies?
We do extensive interviews with Breeders along with home visits, Most of our breeders are close enough that they can come and visit their puppies at our shop. This is very common for us to have several breeders call and visit daily. We use Reputable breeders that take great pride in their Puppies.

Are Your puppies trained?
Our puppies have had basic Potty training and socialization. Potty training is a process and does not happen overnight. All puppies need time to grow and develop. Time, Love and Patience is what Trains a Puppy to be a well trained adult dog.

How do you know Your puppies are Healthy?
Our puppies all come with the first set of Puppy vaccines.Deworming and Health checks. Our breeders are required to have regular vet records on the Breeding Parents and Puppies. Every puppy has a Vet exam within the first week after Adoption to have a wellness checkup.

What if we buy a Puppy and It gets sick?
All of our Puppies have a one year Health Warranty, which means if anything Congenital comes up in the first year we cover it. When Puppies come home they are delicate and they do have very sensitive immune systems. If for any reason a Puppy needs extra care, We use Butterfield Animal Hospital for Check ups and Dr. Visits.

How do I know what breed is best for my family?
This is where our experienced staff comes in! We want you the customer to be happy and our puppies to be placed in homes that are a good match. Our puppies are all very unique and some breeds require more care than others. We have many resources for our customers to find the perfect companion. Walk in, email us or call. We are here for any questions you may have!

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